Compact Wired Intruder Burglar Alarm System Kit and Accessories Eaton I-ON10


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i-on10 kits are single-box solutions for typical residential installations. The i-on10-KIT-00 contains the i-on10 control panel, keypad, 3 PIR’s, 1 Door contact and an external siren. The i-on10-KIT-01 is the same but without the external siren. The panel is simple to program – sharing the same features as our i-on range – and flexible, supporting up to ten users and four keypads.

10 zone wired control panel

The i-on10 is a 10 zone, bells-only (audible alarm) wired intruder alarm panel. It is suitable for simple, entry-level burglar alarm systems to protect homes and small commercial installations.

Successor to the popular Scantronic 9651 series panel, it has the benefit of two additional zones and simplified keypad options over its predecessor. It is simple to operate and contains basic features such as enabling the system to be set and unset with codes or proximity tags.

The panel is simple to program – sharing the same features as our i-on range – and flexible, supporting up to ten users and four keypads

Wired keypad

The KEY-K01 Wired Keypad provides the user with the ability to set, unset, view the log, and change user codes, set time & date and use the onboard panic button

3 passive infra-red motion detectors

The DET-WPIR-00 is a grade 2 wired passive infra-red movement detector with dual low noise sensor and excellent RF immunity. Range 15m with auto temperature compensation.

Wired door contact

The WDC02 is a grade 2 wired surface door contact with a spring tamper switch.

External siren

The SDR-WEXT-00 is an external siren and strobe unit designed for use with the i-on10, and other third-party control units. The siren uses fixed wiring between itself and the control unit (only included in i-on10-KIT-00).

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Compact Wired Intruder Burglar Alarm System Kit, Compact Wired Intruder Alarm Kit w/ Sounder, Wired 7 Zone Control Panel with Onboard Keypad, Magnetic Door Contact, Wired Keypad, Wired PIR Security Motion Sensor Detector, Wired 7 Zone Control Panel with Remote Keypad, Wired External Sounder Siren



Compact Wired Intruder Burglar Alarm System Kit

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Eaton I-ON10