Electrical Wholesale

Light and Power Solutions offer both domestic and commercial assistance. Trade is welcomed and we current provide service to Electrical contractors, hotels, restaurants and pubs within our local area.

Re-wiring Service

We offer a local area light repair and rewire service at reasonable prices.


TP24 is a well-known brand in the housing industry. New builds in the south east region are often installed with this product and here at Light and Power Solutions we will be able to assist with whatever TP24 branded items you require.

Farho Heaters

Light and power solutions are a privileged area stockist of the Farho heating system.

Farho Intelligent heating is a Spanish company with over 20 years experience in manufacturing electric heaters. Farho was the first company to develop this unique heating system. Its high performance-low consumption heaters make Farho a leading company in its field.

Farho's unique heating system was created and developed based on a heating conducting fluid with very high heat inertia. Farho heaters bring together a great number of the advantages of existing heating systems, the use of injected aluminium and electricity as a source of energy, and Farhoil, a patented thermo-fluid developed for Farho. The variety of Farho heaters, from very easy to use analogic models to programmable and automated models, cover all possible heating demands.

Number of elements Length (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (mm) Power (mm)
3 370 590 95 7.5 330
5 530 590 95 11.5 550
7 690 590 95 15.5 770
9 850 590 95 19.5 990
11 1,010 590 95 23.5 1,210
13 1,170 590 95 27.5 1,430

Lighting Accessories

Light and Power solutions have access and stock most of you lighting needs from lamp holders to over 150 different lamps from LED to normal GLS. (Limited time only).

Crompton, Megaman, Endon, Save Light, Affinity and Knightsbridge

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Underfloor Heating

Heat Mat underfloor heating is a reliable and energy efficient source of floor warming or an ideal choice for whole house heating. Our systems are covered by Lifetime or Extended warranty and manufactured in Europe.

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

  • Easy-to-install as part of renovation or retrofit work
  • Cheaper option to install than central heating, with a lower initial investment
  • Suitable for properties without a gas supply
  • Compatible with renewable energy sources
  • No need for radiators - freeing up wall space
  • A hygienic choice minimising dust and dust mites for allergy sufferers
  • Can be used to supplement central heating
  • A luxurious addition to any home and a 'selling point' adding value to your property.

Although Heat Mat underfloor heating is easy to install, we recommend underfloor heating is fitted and tested by a qualified electrical engineer.


Here at light and power solutions we pride ourselves in finding the right solution for your lighting needs. We are support by a good range of lighting suppliers such as Endon, First Light, Dar, Elstead, Knightsbridge and Searchlight. All of these companies you will find in most major lighting showrooms but here at Light and power solutions we aim to get it at the right price, but still deliver quality to our customers


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