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KF-235 PG2 is a slim 4-button keyfob that is used to perform most of the common alarm commands: arming and disarming, emergency signaling, panic alarm and viewing the system status. Using the KF-235 PG2 keyfob is as easy as activating a car alarm. It provides instant visual verification that the requested command has been successfully executed. There is no need to remember codes and it is small enough to fit in a pocket.

KF-235 PG2 uses Visonic’s ground-breaking PowerG technology which combines several field-

proven advanced technologies and the highly reliable AES encryption method. When used in residential security systems, this combination of technologies delivers an extended transmission range and battery life, and unmatched advantages for professional installers, central monitoring stations and end-users alike.

KF-235 PG2 Features:

  • Small, slim design: available in a choice of several different styles and colors
  • One-click arming/disarming, emergency signaling, panic alarm and checking of system status
  • Large transmission range enables repeater-free installations 
  • Visible signal quality indication shown on the device
  • Long battery life (up to 5 years with typical use)
  • Visible low battery indication
  • PowerG two-way Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum FHSS-TDMA technology provides robustness and reliability closer than ever to a wired alarm system
  • Employs the proven AES-128 (128 bit key) advanced encryption algorithm for correct message identification and protects the alarm system from code grabbing and other attacks
  • Configured from the panel – no hardware switches and no need to re-open the device once closed
  • Compatible with PowerMaster systems and PowerG receivers

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Visonic PowerG KF-235 PG2



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