Screwless Anthracite Electrical Plug Sockets and Switches + USB Knightsbridge


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Available in 6 stunning finishes, with a screwless flat plate ultra slim profile design and 4.3mm projection. Integral moisture gasket to prevent any transfer of moisture from wall to plate ensuring the front plate finish remains untarnished. 2.1 A and 5.1 A USB charging options on certain models. Constructed from premium grade components.

Free tracked delivery on all orders (except for thinner items under 25mm unless purchased with larger items).


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13A 2G DP Switched Socket, 13A 1G DP Switched Socket, 13A 1G DP Lockable socket, 5A Unswitched Round Pin Socket, 10AX 1G 2-Way Switch, 10AX 2G 2-Way Switch, 10AX 3G 2-Way Switch, 10AX 4G 2-Way Switch, 10AX 6G 2-Way Switch, 10AX Intermediate Switch, 10AX 3-Pole Fan Isolator Switch, 1G 40-400W Dimmer, 2G 40-400W Dimmer, 3G 40-400W Dimmer, 4G 40-400W Dimmer, 13A Fused Spur Unit, 13A Switched Fused Spur Unit, 13A Switched Fused Spur Unit with Flex Outlet, 13A Switched Fused Spur Unit with Neon, 20A DP Switch, 20A DP Switch with Neon, 45A DP Switch and 13A Switched Socket with neons, Screwless 45A DP Switch & 13A Socket with USB, 45A DP Switch with Neon (small), 45A DP Switch with Neon (large), Telephone Master Socket, Telephone Extension Socket, Screwless RJ45 network outlet, Coax TV Outlet (non-isolated), Coax TV and SAT TV Outlet, SAT TV Outlet (non-isolated), 1G Blanking Plate, 2G Blanking Plate, Screwless 115V/230V Dual Voltage Shaver Socket, 32A 1G Key Card Switch, Screwless Quad USB Charger Outlet (5.1A), 230V 1G 1-way Touchless Switch, 13A 2G switched socket with dual USB charger A + A, 13A 1G switched socket with dual USB charger 2.4A, 13A switched socket with Quad USB charger (5.1A), 13A 2G DP Switched Socket w/ Dual USB FASTCHARGE, 13A 2G DP Socket with dual USB FASTCHARGE A+C, 13A 1G Socket with dual USB [FASTCHARGE] A+C, 3A Fuse, 13A Fuse


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